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Title: Einstein's Dreams Author: Alan Lightman First Paragraph of… - First Paragraph Book Recommendations [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
First Paragraph Book Recommendations

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[Sep. 25th, 2006|02:29 pm]
First Paragraph Book Recommendations


Title: Einstein's Dreams
Author: Alan Lightman

First Paragraph of the Prologue:

In some distant arcade, a clock tower calls out six times and then stops. The young man slumps at his desk. He has come to the office at dawn, after another upheaval. His hair is uncombed and his trousers are too big. In his hand he holds twenty crumpled pages, his new theory of time, which he will mail today to the German journal of physics.

First Paragraph of the First Real Chapter:

Suppose time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly. For the most part, people do not know they will live their lives over. Traders do not know that they will make the same bargain again and again. Politicians do not know that they will shout from the same lectern an infinite number of times in the cycles of time. Parents treasure the first laugh from their child as if they will not hear it again. Lovers makeing love the first time undress shyly, show surprise at the supple thigh, the fragile nipple. How would they know that each secret glimpse, each touch, will be repeated again and again and again, exactly as before?

[User Picture]From: winnepauk
2006-10-09 10:27 pm (UTC)
I started this book, but never finished it...

It was amazing. So why didn't I finish it?!? I can't remember.
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